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Welcome Colette!

This is my new book – just arrived this week. I love the cover. And I also love the story! This is my fifth book and my fourth for young readers. I will be hosting a book launch complete with a tea leaf reader, so check back for more details.

I got the idea for this book while visiting classrooms throughout the province. Everywhere I looked I saw such a beautiful representation of our cultural mosaic and I thought…I need to write a book about the wonderful diversity of our country. Since I love folk tales, researching Persian folk and fairy tales seemed like an intriguing¬†place to start. So that’s exactly what I did. Along the way I wove other threads into my narrative, like my enduring love of magic and mystery. The result is Colette and the Silver Samovar. I hope you love it!


This is my new website.  It is currently under construction!