Summer on the Run

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Doris dropped her trowel and took off at a trot toward the river. She was halfway there when Douglas and Vinnie came roaring by her, heading in the opposite direction, running so fast their faces seemed pulled back into a grimace. A policeman was following them on foot, and in the distance one of the Windsor police cars followed along behind. Doris’ breath caught in her throat. The principal’s words came back to her: “I’ll decide on whether or not I’ll recommend he go to high school depending on what he does over the next two months.” Darn it all, anyway! If she could remember how important his good behaviour was, why couldn’t he?

“Douglas!” yelled Doris as he sped past. He didn’t even glance her way. He and Vinnie disappeared into a lane way that cut behind the playing card factory and ran like blazes for another alleyway. Doris played in those alleys all the time and knew them like a road map. Doug was heading for the cemetery, no doubt about it. The policed car roared by, making Doris think of the Keystone Cops. Only this wasn’t funny or the movies. This was real life and Douglas, darn him, was heading for very big trouble.

Doris ran after the police car, and turned onto Giles Boulevard just in time to see the car turning the other way on Howard Avenue. She screeched to a stop and sauntered as casually as could be in the other direction. The running police officer turned and looked at her suspiciously.

“Hey, little girl,” yelled the officer when he saw her. “You see two boys go by here. About thirteen years old?”

Doris froze in her tracks. “No, sir,” she said.

Summer on the Run is an interesting historical fiction novel, and it is well-worth adding to any library collection.

-CM magazine, June 10th 2005.  Click here to read the full review.