Here’s to Colette!

Here’s what Resource Links Canada – Canada’s National Journal that reviews material for children and young adults – said about Colette and the Silver Samovar!

Thoughtfully cultural, sensitive and educational, Colette and the Silver Samovar is a novel that evokes many emotions in it’s readers. Colette is the daughter of a fair-haired freckled mother, and dark, handsome Iranian father, who because of their interracial marriage, do not have relationships with their extended families. Having immigrated to Canada as an educated man, Colette’s father has no choice but to drive a taxi and try and provide for Colette and her mother, both artists at heart. When Colette and her mother have their tea leaves read, they learn that they will “watch for the unexpected”. Already superstitious and artistic, the women take heed the advice. Through family crisis, travel abroad and the reuniting of the past, Colette and her family are victorious.

There are many literary links, and themes that students can discuss from the reading of this novel. It is rich in ideas and can lead inquiring minds to exploring culture, families, genealogy and myths. The independent reader could read this book easily – as each chapter unfolds, one wants to know what happens next. For less independent readers, having a community of readers and or a reading circle would encourage less experienced readers to search for more in depth comprehension

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