TVO Appearance

Check out this discussion on holiday books from a recent TVO panel I took part in.

Here’s to Colette!

Here’s what Resource Links Canada – Canada’s National Journal that reviews material for children and young adults – said about Colette and the Silver Samovar!

Thoughtfully cultural, sensitive and educational, Colette and the Silver Samovar is a novel that evokes many emotions in it’s readers. Colette is the daughter of a fair-haired freckled mother, and dark, handsome Iranian father, who because of their interracial marriage, do not have relationships with their extended families. Having immigrated to Canada as an educated man, Colette’s father has no choice but to drive a taxi and try and provide for Colette and her mother, both artists at heart. When Colette and her mother have their tea leaves read, they learn that they will “watch for the unexpected”. Already superstitious and artistic, the women take heed the advice. Through family crisis, travel abroad and the reuniting of the past, Colette and her family are victorious.

There are many literary links, and themes that students can discuss from the reading of this novel. It is rich in ideas and can lead inquiring minds to exploring culture, families, genealogy and myths. The independent reader could read this book easily – as each chapter unfolds, one wants to know what happens next. For less independent readers, having a community of readers and or a reading circle would encourage less experienced readers to search for more in depth comprehension

Ever Wonder What the Future Holds for You?

Tomorrow, October 1 you’re invited to come to the Kingsville Public Library (40 Main Street West, Kingsville, ON) to help me celebrate the launch of Colette and the Silver Samovar!   I’ll be reading from the book at 2 P.M. and Gypsy Co will read your tea leaves afterward.  There will be door prizes, a book signing and a real silver samovar on display.  Look forward to seeing you all!

Ste. Cecile and Me

How exciting – I will be reading from my books at Academie Ste. Cecile on Friday, May 13.  Even more exciting I will be hearing their young authors read!  What a great way to celebrate spring.

Books by Belgue at Baubles by Blue

Hey Harrow readers – Colette and the Silver Samovar is now available at Baubles by Blue.  That’s a very cute little store on the main street.  FYI!

Reading for Literacy on January 28th

Hi! Come and see me in the new year at Devonshire Mall – I’ll be reading and generally talking about books in support of children’s literacy.  More details to come but mark your calendars!

On the Homefront!

LouAnn Geauvreau-Karry gave Colette and the Silver Samovar glowing recommendation in this week’s Kingsville Reporter (December 17).   She even suggested it would make a lovely Christmas gift. Can’t argue with that!

Thank-you Andy Comber

Well! Check out this week’s Essex Free Press (Wednesday, December 15th) – I am the feature article on page 3.  There are all my books and a very lovely profile – thank-you Andy!

Where to Find Colette and the Silver Samovar

I’ve been asked – and now I have an answer! Copies of Colette and the Silver Samovar are available in Kingsville at Kingsville Office Pro at 30 Main Street East.  I am still working on my launch party/reading and will give you all the news on that shortly.

TV Appearance

Hi All! I just shot an episode of “The Storyteller” on local cable (channel 100 for those of you with digital cable) – and had a blast. The interviewer, Tina Wells, called Colette and the Silver Samovar enchanting. Needless to say, I found that a very enchanting thing for her to have said.